by the happy birthdays

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released on my 20th birthday. i love my friends so much. taryn, i love you most of all


released April 10, 2017



all rights reserved


the happy birthdays London, UK

you know that feeling when you're walking along the street and it's late at night and you step on a plastic cup and it breaks under your heel and you turn around but it's useless because it's already broken and there's nothing to be done

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Track Name: suffer for love
i failed myself again today
the feeling just wont go away
i failed myself again last night
nothing i do can make it right
will you suffer for love?

you tried to tell me what you meant
you tried to call me on my phone
my batterys at ten percent
my signals weak and im alone
will you suffer for love?
Track Name: saint no body
you despair? you despair?

kneel down in the path
and say a prayer to saint nobody
for the fire to come from hell
and kill the curse that plagues your body
when they find you in the morning
theyll thank god it aint your body
but youll stand up in your grave
and hang your head and say youre sorry

listen in the graveyard sister
you know what your purpose is now
Track Name: judgement
i was born of the scene
and ill die by the scene
and the scene will remember my name
i was torn from the womb
and you taught me my shame
tried to return but it wasnt the same
yes the hand may forget
all the wounds that its made
but the flesh will remember the blade
i was born of the scene
and ill die by the scene
and ill carry the scene to my grave
Track Name: homebody
come back to me