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released February 11, 2015

album photograph taken by imogen
all music by the happy birthdays



all rights reserved


the happy birthdays London, UK

you know that feeling when you're walking along the street and it's late at night and you step on a plastic cup and it breaks under your heel and you turn around but it's useless because it's already broken and there's nothing to be done

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Track Name: bless
never had a holy fight
but if i did i couldnt win
cause god would bless the killing fist

yes i have hydraulic arm
and big knuckles but i cant punch for shit
i bend back at the wrist

i cant wait to dig the dirt
the spade feels good in my big hands
im so excited i cant wait

now the bones are in the dirt
im sweating for the sacred rite
its so exciting to meet your fate
Track Name: fisher price
the top of the tv is moving
i saw a serpent in the tv screen
i went to sleep but nothing changed
a normal day inside a normal dream

fisher price take my soul


i washed my hair and all my clothes are clean
fish are jumping and the cotton is high
id love to kiss you goodbye
but the cut on my lip has opened up again

fisher price
take my soul
Track Name: bra
never been happy since i was a baby
and i cried all the time

i sink head down
im sad all the time
i pray face down
im sad all the time

praise be

thank you for the bra
its too small but i dont mind
its a very cloudy day
its too warm but thats ok

never been happy since i was a baby
and i cried all the time

praise be

i smoke cigarettes
even when i feel like shit
i smoke cigarettes
when i dont feel like it

praise be
Track Name: holiday
its saturday its a sunny day
i feel just fine again today
maybe ill call up my friends
or pinch the bruises on my shins
ive seen arguments and scenes
on tv and in magazines

i have so much fun
its the holiest thing

you should know i bought your record
i know that i heard your spectre
i dont know why we make plans
you sleep in and i feel sad
i text you so you dont forget
when you dont come i feel upset

i have so much fun
its the holiest thing
its the holiest

say youll be my saint and saviour ill be on my best behaviour