split w/ ernest street house

by the happy birthdays

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this took too long to make but im proud of it





all rights reserved


the happy birthdays London, UK

you know that feeling when you're walking along the street and it's late at night and you step on a plastic cup and it breaks under your heel and you turn around but it's useless because it's already broken and there's nothing to be done

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Track Name: ernest street house - feeling
cold weather you missed my 5th call
i really needed you this time but you know i’ll wait after all
i just keep trying to reach you hoping you’ll answer my calls
i just keep trying to reach you but my branches won’t grow taller and you make me feel so small

you’ve got green eyes keep me up till sunrise
nervous feeling don’t know why you keep leaving

don’t even let my wounds their healing
Track Name: ernest street house - scariest dream (the happy birthdays cover)
four nights ago my blood was poisoned by the nyquil
chains of perfect metal spinning in a vicious circle

it was the scariest dream
it was the scariest dream ive ever known
it broke my bones

three nights ago i pissed in an underpass
i cut my palm on broken glass

it was the scariest thing

i thought of us
and felt alone
i caught a bus
and i went home
Track Name: ernest street house - my body
would you grab me some cigarettes on your way to pick me up?
you know what i smoke i know how to wind you up

all the time that you’ve spent waiting
all the fights i’m instigating
every time you slide your hands across my chest you know the rest

you’ll never mean the world to me
i’ll never think of you first in the morning
i hate when you tell me i’m your everything
i hate that you’re always so nice to me

wish i could love you the way that you want me to
hovering above you i leave my body when you leave the room
Track Name: never knowing (ernest street house cover)
i know you always wanted a cabin in the country but you traded in your aspirations for comfort and a family

i forgive you
its not your fault

your mind gave out a week before your body failed you
Track Name: birthday
in my bed i said a prayer
that id wake up and youd be there
but youre gone and now youre gone
im glad youre gone im having fun
no i dont miss you anymore
i dont know what i missed you for
and you cant come when i am pure
cause its my birthday its not yours
Track Name: hello sailor
ive been climbing the walls in my room in my sleep
hell in the home and the voices that come from the street

listless and restless and missing the pieces i need
punish the body and worry a hole in my cheek

hello sailor
howve you been?

the fog lifts from the building
now i can go outside